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Welcome to the Wiki of the NYU Langone Health HPCF!

The HPC Facility is a service offered by Medical-Center Information Technology (MCIT) to the NYU SOM/Langone Health research community. The guiding vision of the facility is to enable step changes in the quality and range of research through the use of advanced computing hardware, algorithms and best-practices-driven integrative services. Established in 2009, the facility maintains state-of-the-art, locally installed HPC infrastructure with substantial computing and data-storage capabilities.

The HPC Facility is a catalyst for advanced biomedical research, allowing NYU SOM/Langone researchers to undertake important groundbreaking projects in basic and translational research and train students in biomedical informatics algorithms and methods. The facility is at the epicenter of present and future growth in biomedical informatics enabling researchers of the NYU Cancer Institute, a National Cancer Institute–designated cancer center, to translate knowledge about the roots of cancer into innovative therapies and advanced cancer care. By providing access to data storage resources that are attached to a powerful compute cluster, and a complete software environment capable of executing sophisticated analyses of genomic data, the facility provides a computing infrastructure that is leading to the development of new algorithms, initiating molecularly-informed clinical trials, and making discoveries that will inform how we will better diagnose, treat and prevent disease in the future.

The user guide for the HPC cluster Phoenix is available in HTML and PDF.

cluster user guide cover.small.icon-HTML.png cluster user guide cover.small.icon-PDF.png

Some information is also available about

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